The Enso Manifesto

Enso Team - We are one force.

In Zen, ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in a single brushstroke. It represents a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.
We are building a financial playground where you hold the brush... where you're free to create whatever you can imagine.

We are guided by 6 principles:

  1. Do not rebuild #tradfi. Re-imagine it.
  2. Do not build walled gardens. Produce the soil for entirely new ecosystems.
  3. Do not take custody. You keep it.
  4. Do not empower financial institutions. Empower yourself.
  5. Do not limit integrations. Promote them.
  6. Do not shill. Put your money where your mouth is.
Enso team has built core protocols valued at over 10b, on-chain governance, HSM integrations, infrastructure clusters, stablecoins, DEXs, multisigs, and code used by many.

Arise, you have nothing to lose but your barbed wire fences!